It is a requirement of ISO 9001 and BAFE that fire protection companies should have access to the latest British Standards relevent to their provision of services. IFEDA is a member of the British Standards affiliate scheme, therefore the following standards are available to both full and non members of IFEDA to purchase. Full members may also order their standards via the IFEDA National Office.Please click on the BS number of the standard you wish to puchase this will take you to the relevant standard in the BSI shop.

BS4422: 2005 (Fire – Vocabulary)

BS5266-1: 2011 (Emergency lighting – Code of practice)

BS5266-2: 1998 (Emergency lighting – Low mounted way guidance systems)

BS5266-4: 1999 (Emergency lighting – Design, installation etc o/f systems)

BS5266-5: 1999 (Emergency lighting – Specification/optical fibre systems)

BS5266: 6: 1999 (Emergency lighting – Photoluminescent systems)

BS5266-8: 2004 (Emergency lighting – Servicing and testing etc)

BS5306-1: 2006 (Code of practice – Hose reels and foam inlets)

BS5306-3: 2009 (Fire Extinguishers – Inspection and maintenance)

BS5306-4: 2001 (Specification for CO2 systems)

BS5306-8: 2000 (Fire Extinguishers – Selection and installation)

BS5499-4: 2000 (Fire safety signs – Code of practice/escape route)

BS5499-10: 2006 (Fire safety signs – Code of practice/use of safety signs)

BS5839-1: 2002 (Fire det’/alarms – System design, commiss’ing and maintenance)

BS5839-6: 2004 (Fire det’/alarms – Design, installation, maintenance in dwellings)

BS5839-8:2008 (Fire det’/alarms – Voice alarm systems)

BS5839-9: 2011 (Fire detection & alarm systems for buildings – voice comm’s)

BS6643-1: (Recharging fire extinguishers – Procedure and materials)

BS6643-2: (Recharging fire extinguishers – Powder refill charges)

BS750:2006 (Spec for undergr’d fire hydrants – surface box frames/cvrs)

BS7671: 2008 (17th edition wiring regs)

BS9999 (Fire Safety In Buildings)

BS EN 671-2:2001 (Fixed firefighting systems – Lay flat hose)

BS EN 671-3:2009 (Fixed firefighting systems – Maintenance of hose reels)

BS EN 1802:2002 (Transportable ali’ gas cylinders – Periodic insp’n + testing)

BS EN 1838:1999 (Lighting applications – Emergency lighting)

BS EN 1869:1997 (Fire blankets)

BS EN 1968:2002 (Transportable steel gas cyl’ders – Periodic insp’n + testing)

BS EN 50172:2004 (This is BS5266 part 8 ) Emergency escape lighting systems

BS EN 13769:2009 (Gas cylinders – Stamp marking)

BSENISO 9001:2008 (Quality management systems – Requirements)

BSISO3864-1: 2011 (Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs)

BS PAS 79:2007 (Fire risk assessment – Guidance and methodology)





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